Give to Ward Street

Money isn't always the favorite topic to discuss at church.  It's often a turn-off.  We are comfortable discussing it freely at Ward Street because we are passionate about and believe with all our hearts in what we are trying to accomplish here.

We believe loving people and helping them find how much God loves them is worth our time and our money.  
We believe loving and accepting people into our community and helping them find the same way and rhythm of life that we have is important. And we believe pouring out as much as we can possibly afford into our local community is worth our time and our money.

If these things are things you feel are worth your financial support, please consider making a one-time gift or setting up recurring giving by following the link below.  Furthermore, we are transparent about our use of money.  If you ever wish to see our books or a line-item report of how we handle our money, please email our lead pastor, Carter Ferguson, and ask.  He'll personally forward you that information.

Ward Street Community Resources

One of our partner organizations that we care so deeply for was birthed out of and is located within our own church walls: The Ward Street Community Resources. This organization does exceptional work to care for our community by running the only food pantry in the neighborhood and an incredible clothing closet. To learn more about or donate to The Ward Street Community Resources, email Louise Barnes...and tell her we sent you!