We are not at Ward Street to build a movement. We are not starting a revolution. 

We are not even trying to have "church." At least not like you might think. And we are not so convinced Jesus was either.

There's not really any evidence of Jesus turning people into "Christians."

There's no evidence of Christ building or pushing toward the creation of a grand institution with many layers of intricate and complicated bureaucracy. Jesus didn't lay out a static repository of dogma or lists of rules and rituals that had to be obeyed...or else.

In fact, consider this: There's no evidence that Jesus was even a Christian, and He certainly didn't use the word church the way we do today.

At Ward Street, we've gradually become convinced that maybe we've been going about this Jesus-y thing the wrong way. It doesn't appear that Jesus came to create a religion that simply told us what we should or shouldn't believe. Rather, we believe that Jesus came to show us a divine way of doing lifea rhythm, a style of living that changes how we experience the ugliness and the beauty in this world in a way that our souls are not mangled nor defaced by either.

We believe, in some ways, that maybe we're not even called to be Christians, but rather that we may be called to simply be Jesus-y people who have a different way of life, walk to the beat of a different drum, who see and process the world differently because we've learned, through practice and communion with our God and one another our way, which was Jesus' way.

So when people ask us what our "why" is, "why Ward Street?" Our answer is really simple: To find our way and to have a community of people to walk with us as we do it.