Our journey together is built on the foundation of what we as a family value, which is what we expect to not only receive but try to transmit to those who gather with us weekly. These are those values

  • Community

    We live in an age when we are more digitally and technologically connected than ever, yet we live in a time of relational isolation and crisis. Therefore one of our main values is that we offer belonging and community, at no cost and with no expectations, to anyone who wants us to be their "people." 

  • Personal Transformation

    We are learning to love who we are. Every inch of us. However, we're also learning to love ourselves enough to not let ourselves stay the same. Therefore we are committed, as a community of individuals, to become more every day, to mind the gap between who we are and who we want to be.

  • Social Transformation

    People who organize themselves into a systemic form of community create a society; but sometimes society can be broken, and that brokenness fuels individual brokenness in exponential and escalating ways. Therefore, we're committed and offer the opportunity to not simply get better as an individual, but to help us make the society in our community better.

  • Purpose Finding

    We believe everyone has a purpose, a chance to have a God-given "why" to their existence; but we also think that "why" takes time and effort to unveil. We take serious our calling as a community, as individuals, and our role in helping others learn what they were created for and how they can find purpose.

  • Creativity

    We're convinced that we are co-creators with our God. We believe that God gave us this world to lavish in its beauty and to expound upon that beauty by intermingling our own divinely given creativity with the world and the people around us. We believe creativity and creating beautiful things is a form of worship.

  • Accountability

    We do not believe that a person can get "better" in a vacuum. Like the recovering addict in a twelve step group, we're convinced that growth occurs in community. Home, with your family, is where you become who you are because your family holds you to the values and character that defines your community. We welcome the opportunity to grow along side other struggling saints, to hold them accountable (if they so desire) and to be held accountable to growing every day.